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    Re-stuff your cushions to renew your furniture

  • Why Replace your cushions?

    Upholstered furniture has three main elements; the frame, the fabric, and the foam. In most cases, the foam breaks down before the frame or fabric. We can bring your furniture back to life by replacing the old foam with a new high quality, high density foam that will return shape and firmness to your couch or chair.

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    Another benefit is that our cushions do not contain formaldehyde fluorocarbons and fillers

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    Once the replacement foam is installed into the cushion will be much more comfortable. Along with looking better on your furniture.

  • The Process

    Take your old worn out cushion and replace the foam to revive the look and feel


    Contact Us to Talk about your Furniture



    We will get to know what you are looking for and provide a general price estimate. We can also set a time to stop by your home or business.


    Pick up your cushions straight from your home


    We stop by to pickup the cushions, inspect each cushion and consult with you to make sure you get the desired look and feel with new foam. You can choose from foam samples, so you know exactly what you are getting. After determining the size, shape, and type of foam, we will provide you with a price quote and turn around time. If your furniture is not a good candidate for replacement, we will let you know.


    Cut, wrap, and stuff your cushions and deliver them to you


    Our upholsery expert has over thirty years’ experience in renewing cushions and installing new foam. The renewal process includes removing the old foam, disinfecting the upholstery, cutting the new custom foam to size, wrapping it in batting (for shape and softness), then vacuum shrinking and stuffing the cushion. Turn around is typically 2-3 days.


  • About KC Cushions

    We strive to make our customers satisfied

    The Company:

    Our mission at KC Cushions is to make your worn chairs and couches look and feel new again. We are the top rated foam replacement business in the area. We stand behind our work and if you are not satisfied, we will make it right. We are a local Kansas City area business thank you for your support.

  • FAQs

    Commonly asked tidbits.

    How long does it take to have my cushions completed?

    Depending on the cushion between 2 and 4 days.

    Does your foam have any harmful chemicals?

    No, our foam is filler, fluorocarbon, and formaldehyde free. Along with being made in the USA!

    Why would I want to replace the foam and not just buy new cushions or a new piece of furniture?

    Not only is it much cheaper to just replace the foam but most of the time the structure, upholstery, and springs are still in good condition it is just the foam that is worn out. Along with you just loving the couch or chair that you have now and not wanting to get rid of it!

    What is the typical cost?

    The average is $60-$70 per cushion

    What cushions can you do?

    If it has a zipper we can do it!

    Do you do upholstery repair work?

    We do not do upholstery work such as repairing the fabric though we will disinfect your fabric or leather.

    Do you take credit/debit cards?

    Unfortunately we do not currently accept credit or debit cards. We prefer checks as payment.

  • Contact Us

  • COVID-19

    What we're doing to stay open and keep you safe

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    To keep customers safe we will be wearing masks on all in-home consultations, along with disinfecting your cushions and maintaining as little contact with them as possible.

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    How does this affect you as a customer?

    We are trying our best to keep all orders on schedule though there might be delays in how long it takes to get your cushions back to you. We will have less available appointments to allow extra time to sanitize supplies. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.